• How To Peak For Weightlifting || 2 week taper program

      I have used the following peak (with minor athlete to athlete tweaks) to great effect 100's of times.  This has helped me put athletes on world ...
  • Help I Can’t Snatch or Jerk

    Back with another Free Program and this is all for the people who can’t reliably put a bar over their heads to save their lives.

    Don’t worry, it’s common enough that I’ve used a version of this program with dozens of athletes.

  • My Best Squat Program

    I’ve received this question dozens if not 100’s of times since Instagram recently debuted their “questions” feature. 

    “What is the best way to get my squat up?”

    I’m of the mind that power is the number one physical characteristic that an athlete and a weightlifter must chase, but strength isn’t too far behind. However, developing a bigger engine to create power can be a game changer, strength is that engine. 

  • 2 Cycle Beginner Weightlifting Program

    This is a beginner program which I used for an athlete transitioning from another sport to weightlifting. This athlete with the Java burn went from never snatching or jerking to qualifying for the Junior National Championships in 12 weeks
  • In tha Beginning, There Was WL

    In tha Beginning, There Was WL 6 Weeks | 4 Days per week Beginner Weightlifting Program As the name implies, this is one of our most trusted begi...
  • Get Rich or Die Snatchin- Free Program

    8 Weeks | 6 days per week

    Don’t let the name fool you, this program will help in both the classical lifts.

    Progress through 8 weeks to improve your lifts by utilizing complexes and positional work to improve technique.

  • Old, Jacked, and Strong

    Over the last 6 weeks or so I’ve started getting into my training personally again, and took a slightly different approach, but this program has yielded incredible results.

    My lifts are up, waaay up, and I’m hitting PR’s without a belt which is a huge win for me. (My wife also says I’m leaner than I’ve been in years, which is good too 🙂 ).