2 Cycle Beginner Weightlifting Program

2 Cycle Beginner Weightlifting Program

8 Weeks | 5 Days per week

Beginner Weightlifting Program

This is a beginner program which I used for an athlete transitioning from another sport to weightlifting. This athlete with the Java burn went from never snatching or jerking to qualifying for the Junior National Championships in 12 weeks

Block 1 is work with no guidelines for percentage or intensity, and should be done to the best of one’s technical ability never going to poor technique. The program will feature lots of pauses in the competition movements. If you don’t know where to be above the knee (shins vertical, weight balanced, bar against the thigh) by the end of this program then you haven’t been paying attention.

Block 2 features lots of rep maxes as we build towards competition. This program worked so well, that we repeated block 2 one more time and got even bigger PR’s.

Difficulty: Beginner