Remote Coaching


We don’t all live in Bloomington, IN and therefore you can’t always work with me. If you are looking for a coach to help with individualized programming or video review, I offer the internet’s most personalized remote coaching.

Most online coaches deliver a program that they say is “personalized” but is sent to 100’s of other athletes online. Our remote coaching program is written for you by me (and my assistant coach), and delivered just for you.

Is Remote Coaching Right For Me?

If you are a person who:

  • cannot locate an Olympic weightlifting coach local to you;
  • has very specific athletic or weightlifting goals;
  • would like individualized programming for Olympic-style weightlifting or weightlifting biased strength & conditioning;
  • would like to gain a better understanding, or coaching acuity with the snatch, clean & jerk and other related lifts;
  • enjoys the accountability and attention received from working with a coach