Help I Can’t Snatch or Jerk

Help I Can’t Snatch or Jerk

Help I Can’t Snatch or Jerk

Back with another Free Program and this is all for the people who can’t reliably put a bar over their heads to save their lives.

Don’t worry, it’s common enough that I’ve used a version of this program with dozens of athletes.

Most individuals that come from another sport or a fitness background to weightlifting have the limitations that we address in this program.

  • Unstable overhead, you look like a wet fish when something gets above your head
  • You miss every jerk forward or you chase everything across 2 platforms to catch up to it.
  • You are too tight to even get the bar into a reasonably safe or remotely comfortable position

In any event, this program can help.

If you’re too tight overhead look at the second tab called “Shoulder stuff that might work” (solid name). There you will find my top things to improve shoulder mobility and thoracic extension as well my favorite general warm-up which knocks a lot of it out.

For the program itself, you are in for a lot of pauses, and tempos overhead. Slowing it down to own the position is the aim!

If your new to my programs for the first two weeks build to a heavy set, with week two beating week 1 by a couple kilos, but leave a little juice in the tank. In week three, do only 85-90% of what you did in week 2 for 2 sets (that is your de-load) and then in week 4 go for a true rep max.

Here’s the program:


Originally Published 4/5/19

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