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1Kilo 4" Belt

1Kilo 4" Belt

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The 4 inch 1Kilo black scuba belt is a hybrid design - leather insert for stability with a velcro closure. Scuba is a neoprene fabric, similar to what knee sleeves and activewear are made of. Each belt is handcrafted within the parameters of IFW and USAW regulation.

This belt was made in collaboration alongside Brooklyn Lifting Co. Brooklyn Lifting Co. was founded in 2020 with the intent to make the perfect weightlifting belt. Many belts on the market are mass produced using low cost materials, causing the belts to break down quickly. By developing the hybrid design and sourcing high quality materials, one of the most stable and functional belts emerged. 
Sizing Info:
Measure your waist to get the correct size. Waist is NOT your hips. Waist is defined as under the rib cage and above the hip bone - wear a weight belt is worn on the body. The belts are designed to allow for a maximum of a 3 inch gap or a 3 inch overlap. If a gap is present, the strap will not wrap around the body entirely. If the ends of the belt touch, the strap will wrap halfway around the body. If overlap is present, the strap will wrap around the body entirely. See size chart in photos.
You can also visit ( to see a video on how to measure.
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