Old, Jacked, and Strong

Old, Jacked, and Strong

Old, Jacked, and Strong

Over the last 6 weeks or so I’ve started getting into my training personally again, and took a slightly different approach, but this program has yielded incredible results.

My lifts are up, waaay up, and I’m hitting PR’s without a belt which is a huge win for me. (My wife also says I’m leaner than I’ve been in years, which is good too 🙂 ).

This program has been about building some ARMOR and specifically a trunk that can stand up to anything, and adding some mass to my frame to fill out the new 89kg class.

Here's a couple of the lifts I’ve hit.

  • 152 Clean and Jerk with no belt and a 5 second pause in the split on the jerk. Are you kidding me? I’ve never cleaned close to that without a belt. A belt was my biggest crutch so doing so without one is huge.
  • 125 snatch with no belt. Also a PR beltless.
  • 165 front squat triple with no belt
  • 150 front squat with a 10 second pause (again no belt)

This program has one main lift per day, with several accessory movements to build that armor I’m talking about and lean up, we want to be bulletproof.


Originally Posted 4/5/19

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