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Blue Team Coaching

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REMOTE COACHING with American Record Holder Mary Theisen Lappen

Members of the blue team get the opportunity to be coached by American Record holder Mary Theisen Lappen. On Mary's blue team you'll get video review from her several days per week, plus a group based program each month, choose 3 or 4 days per week, and the length of time you want to train (60 minutes or 120 minutes). Members of the blue team are all levels, so if you're just starting or trying to qualify nationals.

Is Remote Coaching Right For Me?

If you are a person who:

  • Cannot locate an Olympic weightlifting coach local to you;
  • Has very specific athletic or weightlifting goals;
  • Would like individualized programming for Olympic-style weightlifting or weightlifting biased strength & conditioning;
  • Would like to gain a better understanding, or coaching acuity with the snatch, clean & jerk and other related lifts;
  • Enjoys the accountability and attention received from working with a coach

    Planning on signing up? Please fill out our waiver and send it to once you've signed up for coaching. You can download the waiver here