• Fix Your Jerk with the Power Jerk

    Through my almost 33 years of life on this earth I have realized that there are only 2 kinds of people in this world:

    Those that know they will make the jerk, and those that don’t know if they will make the jerk.

  • Breathing in Weightlifting

    We almost have a joke in our gym. I say almost, because it might be true in most cases, but we say this phrase so much that it makes us laugh almost every time one of our coaches blurts it out.

    “It’s all comes back to breathing”

  • How Often Should You PR?

    Recently the following question was posed to me:

    How often should I PR?

    Specifically this was a masters lifter, running into some frustration on how he should gauge improvement.

    Weightlifting, in the first couple years, can set you up for a royal mind trick down the road. It’s as if everything is going so darn well, and then all of the sudden, it comes to a screeching halt. I’m sure if you’ve been in the sport you know about this as well as I do, but let me give you a scenario.

  • The Road Trip of Weightlifting: 2 Crucial Choices You Make Each Day

    I once spent over 24 straight hours in a car with my former fiancee (not Ashley, this was a girl before Ashley). Anyways, as the word former might indicate, that road trip was a make or break experience in our relationship.

    I’d say during that car ride we made about 1000 bad decisions, not including stopping in Vegas on the way home (which, now that I think of it could have ended up really bad, but didn’t).

  • 2 Simple Do’s and Don’ts for Better Lifts

    Before you dive in this is not an article about technique, or programming, but these might be 2 of the easiest fixes you can make if you want to be better at weightlifting. Hell they might be 2 of the easiest things you can do to be better at life.

    These are 2 mental approaches that can help your weightlifting.

    The best lifts happen when the mind is calmest, uncluttered and free of distraction. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to help you lift more all centered about your mental approach.